My Exchange with the YouTube Troll Ends

From: FoxifiedNutjob
Subject: Re: disabling comments to your video
——–I will reiterate one point for you: I am not avoiding any criticism of my videos. You are free to criticize them all you like.———————-

WTF are you talking about?! You have disabled comments on all the videos that I see that you posted, so WTF?!

STFU! You’re just pissed because you got called out for the cocksucking liar you really are. A fvcking hypocrite who posts his view points on a national forum and then silences anyone with an alternative opinion.

You’re a fvcking liar and I called you out on it. You know it and I know it so just deal with it! I got nothing against homosexuals but I have everything against hypocrits and liars so don’t even start w/that sh!t!! Also, put some fvcking clothes on in your videos, you look like a perverted freak.


And at this point I’ve suddenly grown bored with this fool.

From: Me
Subject: Re: disabling comments to your video

You’re boring.

I’m hoping you’re a middle schooler somewhere who is still building critical thinking skills.

Criticism, feedback, commentary, and responses to YouTube do not require YouTube comments. There are lots of other methods by which you can offer those things to the world. In fact, by writing all these messages to me — and you can write them to other people, too — you are doing that, only you’re speaking to me and not to someone who cares what you think.

If you want to comment publicly on my videos, you can get a blog and post them there. You could even visit my blogs and post comments there. You could write a letter to your local paper. You could make your own YouTube videos. You could write an email to your friends. You could post them to Facebook. The list of options is nearly infinite.

There is only one option NOT open to you: comments on YouTube. That’s it.

But instead of stopping to think for half a second you’re just spouting off and calling me foul names. I can’t imagine why you think this approach would accomplish anything other than provide me with entertainment. I mean, look at you. You’re in screaming fits because some stranger on the internet won’t let you comment on YouTube on his rather unpopular videos.

And this is why I disabled comments in YouTube in the first place. It’s because of people like you who shoot their mouths off without thinking even a little bit. You’re an idiot, a fool, a moron, a dim-witted, mouth-breathing, sloped-browed, window-licking monkey booger with a fart for a brain.

I know this lengthy commentary on how wrong and idiotic you are is going to be lost on you. So, this is the last time I’ll write to you. I’ll block you the next time you write me. Why wait until you reply? Because then I know you will have seen my last word.


As I was clicking “send” on that note, I realized that I had granted this person too much benefit of the doubt from the very start.  It wasn’t his desire to offer and intelligent feedback or commentary. He didn’t want to offer his honest dissent from my point of view.

The reason this person is burning to be allowed to comment on my YouTube videos within YouTube is because he just wanted to insult me publicly and show everyone what a hotshot he is for saying nasty things to someone on the internet.

I don’t mind showing everyone his insults myself because it isn’t the insults that bug me about the comments on YouTube.  It’s the sheer stupidity.  I can take a limited amount of stupidity, which is why this exchange entertained me so much.  But if you look at any videos on YouTube that offer serious commentary on anything you will see a slew of sewage like that which this person flung at me.  And I have my limits.

And isn’t it strange that there are people out there who are so focused on me that they feel compelled to insult me publicly and if they are denied a ready option to do so they become completely unhinged?  I’m not famous. None of my videos has more than 800 views.  Few people really pay attention to me.  But here’s this sad weirdo who just can’t hold his shit together when he finds out that I’m not letting him comment on my videos within YouTube.

Sad and crazy!

Update: One other thought just occurred to me.  Maybe this is because I work in marketing, but it strikes me as exceptionally stupid and wrong that his notes give me absolutely no reason to give him what he wants.  As if I’m going to say, “Oh, well, I certainly do not want a bunch of really dumb strangers on the internets calling me names, so I will restore comments on my videos.”  Crazy!


  1. mtnrunner2 April 17, 2011 12:26 pm

    That’s why I appreciate comment moderation on Blogger. Unless someone is actually expressing an opinion (as opposed to just spewing negativity), their comment will never see the light of day. Hell, I don’t even care if I have to turn comments off entirely.

    • Trey Givens April 17, 2011 12:59 pm

      Yeah. My blog does something like that, too. I have to approve someone as a commenter before their comments go out to the world without permission.

      I think I can change it to where all comments are moderated, but that seems like too much trouble since most of my comments come from the same group of people.

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