Peikoff #105

I’m a little late this week due to my vacation, but here it is!

  • Why is it perfectly acceptable for someone to put an advertisement up in their front yard, but not acceptable for them to put up images of hard core pornography? On a related question, why is it legitimate to insist with the police powers of the state that people wear clothes out on the street? <– I asked this one!
  • How important is physical appearance (in the face)? [He REALLY went off on this one.]
  • Should one think of one’s self in the third person and if one does, what does it mean?
  • Is it valid to care less about the Haitian earthquake tragedy because their society is so deliberately primitive?

I’m getting really good at asking him questions he wants to answer.  I need to think of some way to ask him about strippers or porno or sex toys as such, though. That always sets him off on a direction he seems to enjoy.

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